Shoku En Buri is defined by five main attributes:

  1. Ecologically sustainable* = unique and technologically advanced aquaculture technique controlled by HACCP. Shoku En Buri is SCSA (Seedling Certification for Sustainable Aquaculture) certified and 100% sustainable. Certification by Seedling Council for Sustainable Aquaculture, verified by EURO VERITAS and equivalent to MSC (Marine Steward Council) certification.
  2. Delicious flavor & texture = fresh, buttery rich flavor with firm texture, similar to marbled beef, with well-balanced fat-to-meat ratio due to proprietary feed, giving it a rich, mouth-watering taste
  3. CO-free = Shoku En buri is not treated with Carbon Monoxide to maintain freshness longevity; rather, a unique 3D freezing process is utilized that captures taste and quality of prime-season buri year round
  4. Nutritionally rich in unsaturated fat and DHA with lower histamine levels than global standards
  5. Decreased food waste = versatility with using all parts of buri for various recipes makes for reduction in fish being discarded. Up to 85%+ yield from one filet.

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