Inside a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly facility, Shoku En uses the Takumi artisan technique, which uses a low level of fishmeal for the feed. This process helps control oxidization and maintains a high level of freshness to create a “prime grade” fish product that is an excellent source of nutrients and energy.

Because of our high quality processing and a high quality end product, we believe our buri is “the Buri from Japan,” indicating a strong commitment to and pride in the product and export business.

Cloud System for Consistency and Trust

Shoku En believes in transparency with its customers. Our cloud system electronic database enables our customers to see all production records. Through this system, Shoku En is able to deliver uniform quality and uphold consumer trust in its products.
Shoku En’s Cloud System covers:
Fish Preserve Net
Holding Pen
3D Freezing
Delivery to Customers

Unique Feed for Reduced Fish Odor, Moderate Fat and Firmer Texture

Shoku En differs from its competitors by using a unique blend of feed. We use one-third less fish meal and supplement with plant-based feed and chicken meat meal (not feather meal), as well as green tea powder. The result is reduced fish odor, sustained freshness, improved color of the meat and outstanding flavor. In addition to these benefits, Shoku En developed its feed to be ecological sustainable.

Special Film Improves the Quality of Shoku En Buri

Shoku En uses a unique, functional film for its products that has several important benefits:

  • Prevents deterioration of fat and enzymes
  • Developed from natural, safe polyphenol
  • Maintains palatability and flavor
  • Extends freshness (lower K-value)